Security & Safety

We offer a variety of advanced technology services, strategic planning solutions, and a highly proficient global workforce to achieve the best security and safety outcomes.

With a widespread presence, we have become a recognised centre known for delivering unparalleled services in Risk Management, Emergency Response Planning, and personalised consultancy and training to meet your specific needs.

Discover the comprehensive array of specialised services within our Security and and Safety Solutions

Physical Security

Your Security Partner: Ensuring Optimal Protection for People and Assets

We offer consultancy and tailor top-tier security services for a diverse range of business venues and events, spanning both public and private sectors. We extend our expertise to safeguard specific environments such as data centres and warehouses, implementing robust measures to ensure comprehensive asset protection. Whether it’s a high-profile event or critical infrastructure, our top-tier security services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each setting, ensuring optimal protection and peace of mind.

Our proactive planning integrates risk assessment, crisis management, access control systems, video surveillance, detection equipment, emergency response, perimeter security, security lighting, and more. This guarantees a secure setting, protecting physical assets, infrastructure, and individuals, ensuring peace of mind and uninterrupted business operations.

Trading and Representation

Seamless Trade, Limitless Representation

Promax United has actively engaged in a wide range of general and retail trade undertakings. We play an active role in acquiring, selling, and providing a variety of security-related equipment and technologies.

Furthermore, we take satisfaction in acting as representatives for security companies and technology manufacturers, actively engaging in a multitude of business transactions within the constantly evolving landscape of general trade and retail sectors.

Contact us to navigate the world of trade seamlessly. ugh staff training in security policies, conflict resolution, and best practices, for an effective response to security challenges.

Ensure robust measures for asset protection in any environment. Contact us for peace of mind and optimal security.

Digital Asset Management Security & Compliance

Strategic Solutions for Digital Resilience

Within Risk Management, our expertise lies in cutting-edge solutions covering governance, compliance, transformation, and cybersecurity, among other domains. Our approach supports our partners with a personalized vulnerability management platform.

Choose our strategic risk management for strengthened resilience, and protection against potential data breaches, reputation damage, identity theft, compromised credentials, business interruptions, and financial setbacks.

Get in touch for a consultation on our innovative risk management strategies and solutions.

Advanced Techs & Consultancy

Innovation at its Core, Smart Strategies

Start out your journey into advanced surveillance with our outstanding Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), for exceptional aerial security capabilities. Through our custom research and consultancy services, you can delve into the world of innovation and artificial intelligence all while refining your security strategies for maximum efficiency.

Safety Arsenal Beyond Standard

Discover an array of equipment within our Security and Safety services, ranging from time-tested classics to state-of-the-art technology. From traditional tools to advanced security equipment, our product line caters to a wide range of client requirements, ensuring a robust security and safety framework.

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