Business Services

We redefine success at Promax United by emphasising collaborative growth and contributing to dynamic communities. Our tailored services for professionals, public and private entities and organisations include consultancy, agency support, B2B marketing, and logistics, with a focus on seamless operations and measurable results via data-driven strategies.

Join us in redefining success as we work hand in hand with businesses to build a future where positive influence transcends financial boundaries

General Trading

Navigating Markets, Shaping Future Trading

From strategic market analysis and high-quality cost-effective product sourcing to optimised logistics, and efficient transaction management, we tailor our customer-centric trading services to meet your unique business demands.

Training Centres

Empowering locally, Impacting Globally

Our training centers serve as pivotal hubs for skill-based education, benefiting both our workforce and communities. Through strategic upskilling and reskilling investments, including hands-on practice, simulation training, and cutting-edge technologies, we expedite expertise development for a site-ready workforce, contributing to the prosperity of local communities and regions within our operational scope.

Consultancy Services

Navigating challenges, Optimising Progress

Navigating today’s dynamic business challenges, our global consultancy empowers organizations across diverse sectors. Our seasoned professionals, with varied industry backgrounds, provide strategic insights and optimize operational efficiency for sustainable growth. With a worldwide reach, covering key regions like the UAE, Africa, and Europe, our expertise extends to finance, healthcare, technology, and beyond.

Travel & Tourism

Seamless Journeys, Unforgettable Memories

As your dedicated travel partner, we are committed to meticulously crafting seamless, enriching, and personalized travel experiences. Our goal is not only to meet expectations but to exceed them, ensuring every moment leaves a lasting impression in your cherished memories. Trust us to turn your journeys into unforgettable adventures, where every moment is thoughtfully designed for your utmost satisfaction.

Forthcoming Offering

Commercial Agencies Ventures

Catalyze your business growth through strategic partnerships, market research, and seamless collaborations. Whether expanding market presence, forging new partnerships, or exploring innovative opportunities, we drive your business forward.

Stay tuned for updates. Further Details coming soon.

Communication and Sensing

Stay at the forefront of technological advancement with our state-of-the-art solutions. We guarantee seamless connectivity, accurate data acquisition, and innovative optimization of wireless communication. Efficient and mutually beneficial, our Integrated Sensing and Communication (ISAC) technologies unlock new possibilities for industries like healthcare and smart cities. Explore the strength of integrated solutions with our advanced ISAC services.

Stay tuned for updates. Further Details coming soon.

Contracting & Maintenance

Entrust your projects to our expertise, offering comprehensive maintenance and contracting solutions that ensure enduring quality and optimal performance throughout the project lifecycle. Our dedicated team manages all the intricacies, allowing you to concentrate on the success and growth of your endeavors.

Stay tuned for updates. Further Details coming soon.

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