Impactful Giving

Global Impact, Lasting Legacy

Setting forth on a global initiative for transformative change, we are steadfast in our commitment to leaving a lasting legacy by supporting communities and economies in countries where we operate through our non-profit social and economic impact initiatives. This is not merely our journey; it’s a legacy in the making, shaping a world of lasting progress.

We cooperate with the largest companies around the world.
Our partners trust us.

Collaborative Approach

Guided by socially conscious values, we closely collaborate with non-profit organizations and social enterprises. Our focus is on providing cutting-edge technology solutions and consulting services to streamline operations and maximise impact.

Financial Commitment

In line with our dedication, 1% of our net profit is committed to supporting non-profit organizations. This financial commitment fosters community growth and well-being, reinforcing our contribution to social and economic development.

Efficient Empowerment

Our structure directs resources to administration and mission-aligned programs, ensuring efficient use for community betterment. We recognize the significance of creating opportunities for unprivileged communities, contributing to positive outcomes like job creation, enhanced training, education, healthcare, and initiatives for environmental conservation and cultural preservation.

Sustainable Synergy

Committed to impactful change, we align resources with our partners’ missions, ensuring efficient use for community betterment. Beyond mere exchange, our partnerships drive knowledge-sharing and capacity building, fostering a collaborative approach for lasting social change.

At Promax United, we forge meaningful connections to actively address global challenges, shaping a sustainable future through trusted, long-term partnerships across the globe.

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We cooperate with the largest companies around the world.
Our partners trust us.

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