Eco-Energy Hub: Shaping Tomorrow's Sustainable Landscape

Committed to sustainability, energy efficiency, and resource conservation for global projects, our focus extends beyond conventional investments. Driven by our environmentally conscious practices, we have evolved into an Eco-Energy Hub.

With a proven track record in billion-dollar Energy initiatives and comprehensive project solutions, we actively promote a resilient economy facilitating the creation of thousands of jobs across diverse regions, including the GCC, Africa, Asia, and European markets.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.

Tech Solutions & Consulting

Tech at the Helm: Innovating a Sustainable Energy Future

At the forefront of innovation, our green technology solutions and consulting services cater specifically to energy and utility companies. From smart grid systems to energy management software, renewable energy solutions, and infrastructure optimization, we empower private and public organizations and entities to thrive in a dynamic and sustainable landscape. Contact us today for a consultation.

Oil & Gas

PROMAX United excels in turnkey Operation & Maintenance (O&M) for onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities, prioritizing cost-effectiveness without compromising service quality, ensuring reliable and consistent operations to maximize production up time.

We offer core services spanning logistics, finance, banking, storage, and strategic supply chain investments, ensuring a positive ROI for projects. Additionally, we excel in overseeing production facility operations with a focus on HSSE, integrity, and optimal output. Our primary products, Diesel EN-590 and Jet A1, are complemented by valuable byproducts like Bitumen.

Optimize your oil and gas initiatives with PROMAX United—reach out to us today.

Renewable Energy

Paving the Path to a Green Legacy

At the forefront of the sustainable energy revolution, Promax United is dedicated to advancing global renewable energy. Through strategic partnerships and long-term contracts, we actively support utility-scale wind and solar projects, contributing clean energy to the grid and driving the world towards a cleaner, greener future. Furthermore, as a symbol of our commitment to transparency and continual growth, our company proudly stands listed on the prestigious Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Join us on this transformative journey as we navigate towards a sustainable and vibrant future for all.

In a testament to our success, our ventures encompass Energy Projects, including Solar Power Plants and Windmill Renewable Energy. From billion-dollar initiatives in the GCC, Africa, and Asia to leading the largest Wind Farm project in collaboration with Saudi Arabia, our impact reaches across various industries

Through a strategic joint venture with our pioneering partners – Plambeck Emirates Global Renewable Energies LLC, founded in 2011 in Abu Dhabi, and the Cuxhaven-based Plambeck Group in Germany – we have initiated, developed, and financed over 200 projects worldwide, valued at billions of US dollars.


Pioneering Sustainable Operations: Our Ongoing Pledge

Promax United stands at the forefront of hydrogen technology, offering comprehensive services covering the entire value chain. From advanced production and storage to precise distribution and utilization, our cutting-edge solutions serve industries seeking to integrate hydrogen to improve sustainability and operational efficiency seamlessly.

With a keen focus on eliminating emissions, our hydrogen services enhance regional air quality while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with our commitment to a cleaner and greener future.

Transform your operations with sustainable hydrogen solutions. Contact Us at Promax United and join the pledge to a cleaner and greener future.

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