Infrastructure & Manufacturing

Our strategic investment in building infrastructure is driven by the conviction that it forms the bedrock of progress and economic prosperity for all communities. This commitment is reflected in our focus on seamlessly integrating services into the fabric of real estate, smart cities, industrial developments, and ports.

Transforming Real Estate into Thriving Ecosystems

As a major player in the worldwide real estate landscape, Promax United has injected more than 70 billion dollars, diversifying its portfolio and crafting spaces that are not just functional but environmentally conscious. Overhauling property management, from CRM systems to full-service maintenance, ensures expert handling for real estate ventures, maximizing returns and minimizing investor hassle.

Shaping Cities, Connecting Lives

We drive smart city development, providing unmatched support and expertise to bring transformative urban changes. By envisioning a seamlessly integrated future that is sustainable and interconnected, we ensure a connected, intelligent, and efficient urban experience.

Seamless Solutions, Maritime Excellence

We specialize in seamless port services and efficient logistics across diverse geographies, including the UAE, Central Africa, and Germany. Through strategic joint ventures, we actively collaborate with three ports in Gabon, one in Ginu Basiu, and one in Cuxhaven, expanding our global reach.

Aerial side view of cargo container ship carrying container from custom container depot

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