Environmental Initiatives

Journey to Green Legacy: Shaping Tomorrow Sustainably

At Promax United, we stand firm in our dedication to environmental sustainability, propelling our ongoing mission for a greener future.

In 2009, we shifted gears and pivoted towards a transformative vision, focusing on global project development with an emphasis on renewable energies, on an international scale.

This vision came to life with the inception of Plambeck Emirates Global Renewable Energy LLC in Abu Dhabi in 2011. Since then, we’ve spearheaded innovative projects across renewable energies, infrastructure, real estate, raw materials, waste management, and recycling across the GCC, African, Asian, and European regions

With a particular focus on emerging and developing markets, our initiatives channel resource-saving, profitable investments precisely where needed most, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable development on a global scale.

Environmental Technology

We use technology to solve global issues, from energy and aging populations to education and security.

Our goal is sustainable development and economic opportunities worldwide.

Renewable Energy

Pioneering a Greener Shift

We pave the way towards a green future with steadfast investments in renewable energy. Operating from strategic hubs in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Cuxhaven, Germany, we shape the landscape with solar power plants and innovative windmill projects.

Through our strategic partnerships, we’ve led 200+ transformative projects with a 10-billion-euro investment portfolio, merging conservation initiatives and cutting-edge technologies.

A highlight of our impactful collaborations is our central role in constructing Saudi Arabia’s largest wind farm, emphasizing our unwavering dedication to shaping a sustainable future.

This initiative not only showcases our dedication to sustainable practices but also positions us as leaders driving impactful change in the renewable energy landscape.

Sun solar panel, solar energy and electricity is future innovation in technology, renewable energy,


Algae Farming: A Green Revolution for Climate Protection and Global Challenges

Algae cultivation holds the key to being carbon-negative and combating climate change. By incorporating algae into long-lived structural materials, we can contribute to direct air capture technologies, capturing CO2 from the air. Collaborating with industry partners, we strive to develop affordable technologies and smart farming practices.

Algae’s potential extends to providing carbon-neutral fuels, aquafeeds, and high-protein food, addressing global challenges in food security and biodiversity. At Promax, we go beyond algae farming, leading in innovative environmental remediation projects, fostering a sustainable and greener future.

Explore our initiatives and join us on the journey towards a sustainable and greener tomorrow.

Revolutionary NFT Staking Program

Paving the Way for Environmental Sustainability

Breaking new ground in environmental sustainability, a revolutionary NFT Staking Program has been unveiled, marking a pivotal milestone in the journey towards sustainability.

The initiative introduces an NFT staking program for earning carbon rewards exchangeable for the LCD (“Lowest Carbon Denominator”) Token, showcasing a steadfast commitment to leading sustainable solutions in the environmental sector.

Users are invited to actively support environmental causes by minting and owning NFTs, contributing to sustainability efforts, and earning carbon rewards for the LCD Token, aligning with UNFCCC standards and empowering individuals in sustainable practices.

Join us in making a positive impact on our planet.

Waste Management

Efficient, Responsible, and Sustainable - A promise fulfilled

We provide holistic waste management solutions with a focus on environmental responsibility, efficiency, and community well-being. Our commitment to efficient waste management underscores our dedication to environmental responsibility, emphasizing recycling and the conservation of valuable resources in alignment with environmental and climate protection objectives.

Capitalizing on a substantial $1.5 billion waste management contract and establishing key strategic alliances with major entities such as COMPLANT, a subsidiary of SDIC (State Development & Investment Corporation), the primary investment holding company of the Chinese Government, we manage the entire waste management process in the UAE, particularly in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. Our involvement spans the entire spectrum, from initial collection to the final stages of disposal or recycling. In tandem, we proudly hold full approval for waste management granted by the government of Kuwait.

With decades of expertise and solid commitment to high environmental standards, we proudly stand as a certified specialist waste disposal company, consolidating our position as an industry leader.

Join us in revolutionizing waste management for a greener future. Shape sustainability with us.

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